1,771 Square feet

3 bedrooms, 2 baths, den

screened porch, oversized garage


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Our home is located in Hill Country Retreat, a gated over-55
Del Webb community in northwest San Antonio. First I will describe our lovely home, and then tell you about the community. The house is among the first built when this development was started ten years ago. As a result, the landscaping in now mature. Further, the standard of construction was higher then, with more architectural variation in the neighborhood than in the new areas currently under development. The location is very convenient to the main and side entrance gates, and easy walking distance to the clubhouse (five blocks). Non-smokers with no pets, we have taken excellent care of the house during the five years we have lived here.


The front of the house faces west, taking most of the afternoon sun on the insulated garage door. The screen porch in the rear faces east, lovely in the morning, not in direct sun in the afternoon. The back of the house looks out at the green area, with the walking trail about fifty yards away, partly visible through the foliage. The backyard has a sprawling live oak tree, visible from the kitchen, dining area, living room and master bedroom as well as the back porch and patio. The backyard is terraced and xeriscape (rocks and mulch) for low maintenance.

Here's the front of the house. Thanks to a hail storm, the roof is only three years old. The garage is extra deep, more than ten feet beyond the bumper of our Toyota Camry --plenty of room for two cars and a golf cart. Sorry, not ready for photos yet. There is a pull-down stair into the attic from the garage. We have two Garage King overhead storage units. In the attic we had a thermal barrier installed, as well as additional insulation (including above the garage). This helps keep the monthly utility bills very low, with gas and electric totaling an average of $85.48 per month. Water averages $32.31. For 2017, our total monthly utilities averaged $117.79.

Porch looking out toward green area.

In the distance we can see people walking their dogs on the trail.

Another view of the green area from the porch. The floor plan, the direction the building faces, the oak tree, and the location on the green area were our main reasons for buying this house and making it our home.

Our live oak tree. Too bad we're too old for a treehouse.

The house is brick on front and sides, stucco in the back.

Rear patio.


This is a community for those over 55 years old. Large yards are no longer an attraction. Having small yards, the houses are close together. On this side of our house is a row of red tip bushes offering privacy and, in the fall, beautiful color. Our air conditioning compressor is two years old.

This is the other side of the house.

Now for a tour. Come on in. The covered entry is very convenient during inclement weather. We have a security system, but you can come in, it is turned off.

From the front vestibule we have a choice of going left into the living area, or right, to the hall bath, two bedrooms, linen closet and laundry room. You can see a bit of my office. Let's go there first.

This is the third bedroom, but really an office. I don't think the closet is large enough to qualify for a real bedroom. For that reason, some MLS listings for this floor plan (the Lantana) say two bedrooms, office and den, while others say three bedrooms and den. A popular floor plan, the Lantana is no longer available.

I have four bookcases in the room, as well as original art. Like all of the rooms it has plenty of light and a ceiling fan.

I spend quite a bit of time here. The house has AT&T U-verse fiber optics, so the Internet is very fast. This and every other room in the house has plantation shutters. Besides being attractive and convenient, they offer extra insulation from outside temperatures. They cost the original owner almost $5,000 to install.

Next to my office is the linen closet, and then the hall bathroom.

What can you say about a bathroom?

Being next to the second bedroom, this is also the guest bathroom.

My wife has a great eye for decorating. The picture is one of her photos.

Next is the second bedroom, guest room and my wife's office. She uses the bed for laying out some of her projects, like a big work table.

Ah, there's the office. The closet is outfitted for storage rather than clothes, but of course that can be changed.

The bedroom faces the front of the house, but there is very little noise or traffic. When we walk in the mornings, we walk right down the middle of the street. No cars interrupt us. Again, every room has a fan and plantation shutters. Even the back porch has a fan.

Now we go from the vestibule to the left, toward the living areas.

Here we are, dining area on the left, kitchen on the right, living room straight ahead and then the screened porch. Coming down the hall we passed the door to the garage, the large coat closet, and the entrance to the den, to which we will return later.

We love that the kitchen is open to the living area, so we can talk to visitors while preparing food. We have replaced the disposal and the dishwasher. The floor is tile.

View of the kitchen from the living room. We have a water softening system throughout the house. Standing at the sink we can see out the far windows and to the green area. It's like living in the country. The Hill Country. Life is so relaxing here it is like being on retreat. Hey, maybe that's why they named the community Hill Country Retreat.

Dining area. We keep it pretty informal.

Windows in the dining area look out at the red tip bushes.

The living room as seen from the dining area.

Reading nook number one. Original painting by local artist Patsy Sasek and the iconic Ikea chair.

Reading nook number two. The chair swivels to face either the fireplace or, you guessed it, the green area.

This long wall could hold many pictures, or large cabinets, buffets, entertainment centers, huge flat screens, etc.

On the right is the door into the master bedroom. We'll get there shortly.

The gas log fireplace goes on with the click of a switch. Very convenient.

Looking back toward the kitchen we can see the entry to the den on the right. Let's go there next.

We use the den as our television and video-watching room (Netflix).

Glass doors close to give privacy in the den. Our couch opens into a bed, making this another potential guest room.

We collected baskets during our travels.

Television corner.

The window looks out at the red tip bushes, which are actually in our neighbor's yard. They grow so fast she must have them trimmed regularly.

Last but not least, our spacious master bedroom. This is a queen size bed.

Three large windows allow plenty of light, or the shutters can be closed. All the shutters in the house are white (it's hard to tell in the photo).

Ah, good night! Sleep tight. It is very quiet here.

On the right is the door into the living room. On the left the door into one of the large walk-in closets. No photos of the closets yet. We're working on it.

The master bath leads into a second even larger walk-in closet.

Large walk-in shower, big enough for two or more.

Double sinks and plenty of cabinet space and drawers. Photo is by my wife.

Street view shows how mature the trees have become in ten years. The newly constructed homes get two little saplings.

This is the intersection of Cascade Hills and Suncatcher. Turning left, one goes through the neighborhood developed by Lennar (Village Builders), which has larger upscale homes, and then arrive at the side gate. From there it is a quarter mile to CVS and the new HEB. We sometimes walk to those places.

The main street leading to our community is Alamo Ranch Parkway. Two miles down the road is Loop 1604 and two huge shopping centers that have fifteen restaurants and virtually anything you need. There is a Lowes on this side of the highway, and a Home Depot on the other side. Alamo Ranch Parkway now goes up and over Loop 1604 and becomes Highway 151. Downtown is twenty miles away and takes about twenty minutes to reach, as the route is all highway.

Our community is called Hill Country Retreat, and the 28,000 square foot Amenity Center is referred to as "The Retreat." There are organizations and activities of every genre. It was Del Webb who first started developing gated communities years ago. The larger ones are called Sun City Centers if they have more than 5,000 homes. We do not qualify, as when built out, we will have 2,000. I think we are at about 1,200 now. Construction is going great guns, with thirty homes under way at any given time. This is the fastest growing area of San Antonio. I have photos of the community below, plus here is a video:

This water feature is at the front gate. We generally slip in and out of the side gate, which is closer for us. The setting is very plush, with many kinds of wildlife, wildflowers, and wild life, if you so choose (many party opportunities).

Indoor and outdoor pools.

We walk almost every day on part of the trail system, which includes several miles of paved walkways.

I'm a regular visitor to the fitness center. On the second level, behind the railings, is an indoor walking track.

We have a beautiful library, lodge hall, ballroom, and several meeting rooms. There is a billiards room with three high-quality tables. They are re-felted and leveled regularly. One group of guys play every day from 9 to 11 a.m..

Bocce ball. There are also horseshoe pits.

The courts are configured for both tennis and pickleball.

For those who love the outdoors, we are quite close to several great places. This is Government Canyon State Natural Area comprising 12,244 acres.

On a smaller scale is OP Schanbel Park, a 202-acre city park with many trails and recreational facilities. If you have an RV, you may want to join the RV club. They go somewhere almost every month, ranging from just down the road to Alaska. There is also a very active club for taking cruises.

We could go on about San Antonio itself, which we love, but you can find that information independently. We came to Hill Country Retreat with a five-year plan before moving to a retirement community with multilevels of care. Our five years are up so we are proceeding with plans to move just eleven miles away.

You would think that with all of these advantages, it would be expensive to live in Hill Country Retreat. Just the opposite. The Home Owner's Association (HOA) dues are $143 a month which includes use of the amenities center, special events, and maintenance of common areas. Some clubs have a modest membership fee, and some events have a cover charge.

Our real estate taxes for 2017 were $3,553. San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the United States. (Along with Houston and Dallas, Texas has three cities in the top ten.) The weather here is temperate, less humid than Houston, not desert like West Texas, not as extreme as Dallas. We are on the edge of the Hill Country, with rolling green hills. It is a very international city with a strong German heritage and a large Hispanic population. Who founded San Antonio? People from the Canary Islands. How's that for a trivia question. San Antonio is a progressive city, planning ahead for the next million residents. The standard of living is very affordable here, where culture, museums and restaurants abound.

Thank you for taking a look at our home and community. Please contact us at the following email if you would like us to call you or to arrange for a personal visit.